School Meals

Laying the foundations for our children to be confident, respectful and to achieve their potential.

Cooked lunches are available each day and you will be kept informed of current meal prices. Charges are payable in advance, and we appreciate two weeks notice if your child wishes to stop having school dinners.

Children may bring packed lunches if they prefer. Please support our healthy eating policy. Children are not allowed to bring sweets to school.  We have a no nut policy in school, as some children are so highly allergic to nuts that they risk life-threatening reaction if they are in too close a proximity to nuts.

Packed lunch policy 

Find out more about our nutritiously delicious food, school menus, parents panel, menu rating and news from our school catering company: Herts Catering Limited

Free School Meals

Your child may receive free school meals, please check your eligibility below:

Apply online now or call 0300 123 4048