Laying the foundations for our children to be confident, respectful and to achieve their potential.

We believe that the wearing of uniform creates a sense of community identity; it also helps the children focus on their education as soon as they dress for school each day. Our uniform has been chosen for its ease of availability in general high street stores. Items of clothing that are particular to the school (ie: sweatshirts, fleeces, ties etc.) can be ordered from:

All uniform can be purchased via the school office.

It is vital that each child’s clothing is clearly named.

Order My Nametags name labels, and help us raise funds for our school, use School ID 73403.

School uniform is also available to buy from the school office, please contact the office team for further information.


  • Green sweatshirt/green fleece/green v-necked pullover
  • White polo shirt or shirt and tie*
  • Grey trousers/shorts
  • Grey/black socks
  • Dark shoes/sandals
  • A seasonally suitable coat.

* Boys are to wear shirts and ties in years 5 and 6


  • Green sweatshirt or fleece/green cardigan
  • White polo shirt or blouse and tie*
  • Grey skirt or tunic
  • Grey trousers (as the boys)
  • Green and white dress (summer)
  • White socks
  • Green/grey/black tights
  • Dark shoes/sandals (no heels)
  • A seasonally suitable coat.

* Girls are to wear blouses and ties in years 5 and 6

All pupils – PE/Games

  • Plimsolls or training shoes or football boots when appropriate
  • Bottle Green shorts (not cycle shorts)/Bottle Green Skort*
  • Purple Polo with Sarratt logo
  • Bottle Green football socks and shin pads (if appropriate)
  • Black tracksuit for the colder months.
  • Drawstring PE bag this can be ordered and purchased via the school office.

*Girls in KS2 can wear Skorts or shorts

Jewellery and Decoration

With the exception of “simple” wrist watches, jewellery should not be worn in school. Hoop earrings and chains are a real danger. Children with pierced ears should wear simple studs. Make up and nail varnish are not permitted.


Long hair should be tied back for school. Hair decoration must be discrete and in school colours.


The school provides basic writing equipment but many children like to have their own coloured pencils, pocket dictionary and geometry equipment as they move into the junior department. Please ensure these items are fully named.


Your child will regularly bring books home. Please encourage them in their care of books and help us cut costs by making sure they are well cared for and brought to and from school in a bag. Specially designed school bags are available from the school office.

Lost Property

All named property is returned as soon as possible to the owner. Unnamed property is kept in the lost property boxes outside the Year 3 classroom. Parents are welcome to check for lost items, please contact the school office.